Join The Team - Volunteer

Want to be part of one of the best organised festivals in the Northwest? Volunteering at the festival is great fun, and you'll receive beer and food tokens based on the number of hours you work.

All our volunteers are also invited to a free party a few weeks after the festival has ended - time to catch up with the friends you made at the festival!

Use the form below to tell us when you're able to work - please remember it's just as important to help set up or take down the festival as it is to help behind the bars.

Some tips about the form:

  • Use the comments section for anything else you think we need to know.
  • Please submit your completed form as soon as possible. We need to know as early as possible that there will be sufficient staff to set up, run and take down the festival.
  • Please note that confirmation of receipt will only be given if a valid email address is supplied.
  • Festival public opening hours: Thu 5.30 -11; Fri 12 -11; Sat 12-11 (as indicated by the darker shaded areas)
  • If you volunteer for an ‘open’ session, please arrive 30 minutes before the start of the session allow time for a quick briefing and to get to know everyone.

Please enter your full name.

Please enter your CAMRA Membership number, or the details of a member who you will be working with.

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Monday 17th June

Tuesday 18th June

Wednesday 19th June

Thursday 20th June

Friday 21st June

Saturday 22nd June

Sunday 23rd June

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Beer Bars
Cider Bar
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