Stockport Beer & Cider Festival 2022 - Cider & Perry

We will have a range of high quality real ciders and perries, many old favourites of the Stockport Festival – as well as some we've not had here before.

We will load the stillage with as many ciders and perries as we have room for, and put more on when we can – until it runs out!

Some of our ciders and perries contain sulphites: the cask cards will identify which ones. Please ask the bar staff if you are unsure.

The list below is draft: more detail will be added as we get confirmation from the makers.

You can reorder the list and search for your favourites by using the controls at the top of list.

Total 60 items.
tbcDunham Press CiderCider0
Brown's AppleGanley & NaishCider5.5
Mourning DropGanley & NaishCider6
Gregg's Pit 2020 (dry)Gregg's PitPerry6
Aylton Red, Blakeney Red & Gregg’s Pit (medium)Gregg's PitPerry6
Blakeney Red, Brandy & Winnals Longdon (medium)Gregg's PitPerry6
Blakeney Red, Butt & Oldfield (sweet)Gregg's PitPerry5
Browns Apple, Kingston Black & Sweet Coppin (medium)Gregg's PitCider6
Sweet CoppinHecksCider6
Glastonbury GoldHecksCider6
Brown's AppleHecksCider6
Kingston BlackHecksCider6
Hendre HuffcapHecksPerry6
YowlerKent Cider CoCider5.2
Russet Vintage 2015Kent Cider CoCider6
Elderflower (flavoured)Kent Cider CoCider5
Mango (flavoured)Kent Cider CoCider5
Rhubarb (flavoured)Kent Cider CoCider5
Berry (flavoured)Kent Cider CoCider5
Back to le Pub (medium dry)Llanblethian OrchardsCider6.6
Sunshine (medium)Llanblethian OrchardsCider6.2
Farting Dog (medium)MadhattersCider6.5
Nine Holes (dry)MadhattersCider6
Redneck Rascal (medium)Monnow ValleyCider5
Do the Fandango (dry)Monnow ValleyCider7.3
T? Du (dry)Palmer's Upland CyderCider7
PerryPalmer's Upland CyderPerry6
Barn OwlPerry'sCider5.5
Major, Taynton Codlin & Somerset RedstreakRob'sCider7
Triple D (medium)Rosie'sCider6.5
Black Bart (medium sweet)Rosie'sCider6.5
Oak Cask VintageRoss-on-WyeCider6.8
SweetSam's CiderCider6
DrySam's CiderCider6
Red StyreSeb's CiderCider6.6
Brown's AppleSeb's CiderCider5.8
Maes Edwy (dry)Seidr O SirCider6.3
Bettws (medium)Seidr O SirCider6.3
New Orchard (medium)SevernciderCider4.5
Maxonian Mist (sweet)SiDaCider5.2
Holmes Chapel Apple (medium)SiDaCider6.2
DubDab (sweet)SiDaCider7.5
Lovely (medium)Three SaintsCider6.3
BlushThree SaintsPerry6.1
DryWest CroftCider6
Janet's Jungle JuiceWest CroftCider6
Medium DryWilkinsCider6
Medium sweetWilkinsCider6
Twisted Oak WM WatkinsCider7.2
Lazy DaysWM WatkinsPerry5.4