Stockport Beer & Cider Festival 2019 - Cider & Perry

We will have a range of high quality real ciders and perries, many old favourites of the Stockport Festival – as well as some we've not had here before.

We will load the stillage with as many ciders and perries as we have room for, and put more on when we can – until it runs out!

Some of our ciders and perries contain sulphites: the cask cards will identify which ones. Please ask the bar staff if you are unsure.

The list below is draft: more detail will be added as we get confirmation from the makers.

You can reorder the list and search for your favourites by using the controls at the top of list.

Total 58 items.
tbcAmpleforth AbbeyCider0
Thirst AidApple CottageCider5.4
Perry ComaApple CottagePerry6.7
DryBere Cider CompanyCider0
Galanthus PerryBertiesPerry6
Much MerrimentCambridge Cider CompanyCider6.5
tbcCleeve OrchardCider0
tbcCleeve OrchardPerry6
Oliver's SweetheartCromwell CiderCider6.7
tbcDee CiderPerry0
tbcDee CiderCider0
StargazerDorset StarCider5.5
Pear O’DuddasDudda's TunPerry5.5
tbcDunham Press CiderCider0
Red BarronDuxford Scrumpy CoCider6.9
Romany RoseEast Norfolk Trading CompanyPerry6.5
Radiant RoseEast Norfolk Trading CompanyCider6.9
Barnet, Brandy & Winnals Longdon 2017Gregg's PitPerry0
Aylton Red, Blakeney Red & Gregg’s PitGregg's PitPerry0
Blakeney Red, Butt & OldfieldGregg's PitPerry0
Brown’s Apple, Kingston Black & Sweet CoppinGregg's PitCider0
ThornGregg's PitPerry0
Brandy, Hendre Huffcap & Winnals LongdonGregg's PitPerry0
National TreasureHalletsCider5.5
Traditional DryHeron Valley CiderCider4.5
Sally's Orchard BlendLulworth SkipperCider6.5
tbcMad AppleCider0
Flat CapMadhattersCider6.5
Farting DogMadhattersCider6.5
Single Tree Napton CideryPerry5.2
tbcOut of the OrchardPerry0
Mount’s BayPolgoonCider7
Wicked WaspRosie'sCider0
Black BartRosie'sCider0
Perfect PearRosie'sPerry0
Barrel No 3S. O. CiderCider6.8
Maxonian MistSiDaCider0
Holmes Chapel AppleSiDaCider0
ForagerSt Ives CiderCider4.5
Plum & GingerThe Garden Cider CompanyCider4
MediumThree CatsCider0
Sweet Maid in DevonVentonsCider6
Skippy’s ScrumpyVentonsCider6
Janet’s Jungle JuiceWest CroftCider0
Hop InWharf DistilleryCider5.5
Eden Four BerriesWobblegateCider4
Rocky RoadWorley's CiderCider6.4